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Roy on Hanselminutes about The art of unit testing

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NEW: Pairing with TDD Videos

This page contains videos of me doing pair programming and TDD with other people.


Building a Go Game Engine with Raymond Lim

Here is how this all started. Now, Raymond and I pair program and tdd a Go Game engine. See what it feels like to do something a little more complicated than a book sample. Several good hours of video here.

Session 1

Diving right in


Session 2

Session 3

Plowing ahead with finding a winner

Session 4            ,               Session 5

A Refactoring Dilemma,   Building A Test DSL for the Go Board


Session 6:

Total N00b Mistakes

 Session 7a + b:

The bug that wouldn’t die, Finally - something is moving along.


Session 8:

The Big Refactoring